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Our Crabs Are Cooked Fresh Daily!

We get a shipment of Live Crabs every day.  We only have 4 crab steamers, so we cook 4 bushels at a time and fill the orders that are coming up next with those freshly cooked crabs. 

Example:  4 bushels of crabs come out of the steamer at 11am and we use these crabs to fill our 11:30am, 12pm and 12:30pm orders.  After the orders are filled, we have no means to keep the crabs hot.  This is why we do not guarantee your crabs will be hot at the time of pick-up.  We do guarantee they were cooked within 90 minutes of your pick-up time.

Don't be fooled!  Other seafood stores and most restaurants cook all of their crabs at the time of their delivery as to minimize their dead loss and boost profits.  Then when the customer orders a dozen, they simply dip the dozen in boiling water to create the illusion that the crabs were just cooked.  These crabs could possibly be up to 72 hours old.  Our crabs are always cooked fresh daily!

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